This is my journey embracing my truest self. Mapping for More in ‘24. I hope it inspires you to do the same.

I am in charge over my body and my life.

I have questioned every label ever assigned to me.

I have examined every belief, why I ever believed it & asked why do I believe it now?

I have carefully considered the impact and influence, healthy/ unhealthy, that life experiences have had on me and now, ever-seeking to change the things I desire to change.

I coach others on how to do this - this is a diary of my own journey as an example to hopefully inspire others to take the same journey.

I will share the books that I read, the products I use, etc that make my life better.

And I’m removing the filters that others in my life would rather I keep in place.

This will be raw, real… authentic… by my rules.

This is me… without apology.


Severe ADHD.

Creative. Writer. Photographer. Chef. Poet.

Avid Reader / Podcast Listener

Lover of the outdoors - especially Colorado Rockies.

Grief overcomer.


Faith Xconstruction (that’s what I call it - deconstructing religious doctrine out of it - and reconstructing faith & my Kingdom Identity.) Side Note: Truth can withstand scrutiny. If you are a person of faith / religious doctrine and witnessing someone on a journey of deconstruction makes you squirm, angry, judgmental, intolerant, etc - maybe you might benefit from deconstruction yourself. Just sayin’… I don’t share this part of my journey to win you over to my side. I share it to give others who think they are alone - or feel they have to be silent - know that they aren’t alone.

2024 will be themes around Tharseo - Confident Courage & Bold Curiosity, hopeful about where the journey leads.

I may make you uncomfortable at times. There may be other times you think I’m crazy. Other times - or maybe those same crazy times - you might actually connect or resonate with what I write.

I expect raised eye brows because, let’s face it. I was NOT born to fit in, blend in, or be like everyone else.

“Your cookie cutter system won’t work for me. I am not a cookie.” - MelAnn

Sometimes things just need to be said!  

I’ve walked away from promoting high ticket coaching cohorts, for now. I’m taking a big risk here. But I just really feel led to go this direction.

In some things I share, from time to time, I will offer paid tier members deeper dive content, worksheets/workbooks that are the same exercises I used to reach whatever place or conclusion I share in that post. So, if not just to support your favorite writer (ha), you will receive content that takes you further on your own journey.

If you see something in my writing, in what I share, in my journey that you want to know more and want help with in your life, then I do have on-demand coaching options. What that is is coaching on your budget -on your schedule that takes place via free messaging app - Telegram - whether it’s 2 hours, a day, a week, or a month. There’s an option for you. & you can find that by clicking the button below.

On-Demand Coaching

Now, more about this new direction of my blog…

I reached my limit. I’ve had it with Facebook. I love Instagram so I will be hanging out more there - but really - my content will be here. I may share images on Instagram - but the content will be here.

I poured my soul and energy and time into supporting, encouraging, and promoting others.. . most of which has not been reciprocated - certainly not when I needed it most. That post that I needed the most response to - the most eyes on - had more impressions than any post in the last two months and TWO people reacted to it and no one commented on it. And reactions are so important, comments and engagement are so important to having post get into algorithm etc.

So, one day, I just reached my limit with the whole thing. I’m in process of unfollowing / unfriending and cutting my Facebook friends down to only people I have true connections. I don’t care if they are home town people - if we haven’t had any engagements at all - I’m done. I would say I’d see ya at the next reunion - but I don’t go to those anymore either so…

It left me questioning everything. I’m ready to move on from this story on to something new. Preferably doing something I was created to do and help people. Other than coaching, that is writing.

So, I’m going to just write. I’m not going to write for a certain niche. . . just about my journey out of this place and into the next. . . on topics that interest me. You might hear from me several days in a row and sometimes just once every week or two. I hope you will subscribe. And if you enjoy what I share, I hope you will become a paying subscriber to help support my writing.

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Rapture: experience intense joy or delight so magical that it transforms & transports you to sacred spaces that expand your Divine story.

Rapture is the word God gave me along with this definition. Rapture is my ultimate mission journey’s goal. We can recognize and create sacred spaces in our journey. But it is God who up-levels our experience as we reside in or travel through those spaces.

I’m still unraveling what this means for our journey - something to aspire to.

Story Concierge Services

I still offer to do tribute videos and photo books / coach you through it. Please contact me for more information on those. I no longer teach people how to do it themselves on a group level.

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Stories are life's souvenirs. They are even better with intentional life design. This speaks directly to introverts who are creatives or live with ADHD - let awkward be your awesome sauce!


I write. I may make you angry, sad, laugh, cry, uncomfortable, etc. I would rather make you feel something rather than nothing at all. Introvert. Creative. Poet. Chef. ADHD. Adoptee. Grief. Midlife. Identity. Faith Xcontruction.